Fivizzano is a municipality in the Italian province of Massa-Carrara (Tuscany region) and has 8980 inhabitants (31-12-2004). The area is 180.6 km², the population density is 50 inhabitants per km².

Parco Regionale delle Alpi Apuane

The Apuan Alps represent one of the most typical and original mountainous areas of the Italian peninsula, due to the richness of the environments and landscapes it preserves. The ancient presence of man and his activities has left traces of considerable thickness here and has spread the territory with important historical and cultural testimonies. The Apuan Alps are known all over the world for the beauty of their marbles and other decorative and building blocks (cipollino, brecce, Cardoso stone). The Apuan Alps are therefore a very evocative orographic complex thanks to the imposing mountain massif, with a very hard morphology, with its deep valleys and steep slopes. A few kilometers away, starting from the short coastal plain of Versilia, the Apuan Alps rise to nearly two thousand meters above sea level with Mount Pisanino (1947 m). Our goal when renting the apartments is to offer people the opportunity to experience the peace and beauty of the region and the regional park. Provide a base for hiking in the mountains, mountain biking, for trips to the Tuscan heritage (Lucca, Pisa, Pistoia, Porto Fino, Sarzana and Firenze), the sea, the Cinque Terre, Lerici, Porto Venere and Levanto. Rest and shake off the stress of the city in the beautiful mountain landscape where the friendliness of the locals is guaranteed.